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How it works

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Start getting regular security reports

Our scanner will now periodically run a growing set of security tests against your application.


Your first security scan report will arrive at your e-mail address and configured integrations like Slack, Teams, Jira, GitHub, etc.

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Microsoft Teams

Move fast and don’t break things

We strongly believe that security testing should be affordable, regular and automated.
We want the Internet to be a safer place.

Stay protected with continuous security scans

Affordable and regular security testing of your web application.

  • Automated security audits

    Receive descriptive reports from security scans that can be scheduled to run on-demand and a on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Continuously updated security tests database

    Our database of security tests is constantly updated with the latest findings.

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Dedicated for SaaS
and E-commerce

Full support for complex cloud applications.

  • Seamless configuration

    Easily configure your first scan project with no code changes.

  • Scan as logged in

    Scanning behind the log in to follow the route of registered users.

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Detect leakage of CCPA/GDPR
sensitive user data

Automatically identify sensitive data on your website.

  • Personal user data

    We search for personal names, document ID numbers and e-mail addresses that may be exposed by mistake or external attack.

  • Bank account and credit card details

    Report any occurrences of bank account numbers or credit card information found in your web application.

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Support your development team

Release new features with no compromise on security.

  • Internal or outsourced development team?

    Support them with regular security scan reports. Run on-demand scans when needed.

  • Get instant notifications and share test results

    Export your scan reports in PDF or share with e-mail. Get instant notifications on Slack and Microsoft Team with automatically created tickets in Jira, GitHub, Trello or Basecamp.

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No credit card required. Free trial for 14 days.





Best for your single web application


billed annually

or $13 month-to-month

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  • Scan Projects: 3

    Scan 3 different URLs, e.g. web applications or environments (dev and test)

  • Continuously extended security tests

    Database of security flaws updated on a daily basis

  • OWASP Top 10 audit

    Check your web app for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities

  • Full cloud support

    Support both traditional or cloud hosting

  • Scan frequency: Weekly, Monthly

    Regular security scans

  • Reports export

    Export and share PDF scan reports with your team


Perfect for commercial applications


billed annually

or $25 month-to-month

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  • Everything in Starter

  • Scan Projects: 10

    Scan 10 different web applications or their instances

  • Scan frequency: On demand, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

    Continuous daily audit with on demand scans to retest the latest changes

  • Detection of CCPA/GDPR and sensitive data leaks

    Alerts for exposed credit card numbers, bank accounts, personal names, emails and IDs

  • Scan as a logged in user

    Access the protected parts of your application

  • Advanced integrations

    Notifications on Slack and Microsoft Teams with automatically created issues in Jira, GitHub, Basecamp and Trello.


Ideal for very large business
with special needs

Custom pricing and volume discounts for our enterprise clients

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  • Everything in Professional

  • Unlimited scan projects

    Ideal for multiple application development

  • Advanced API

    Initiate scans and download scan results with our API. Integrate with your CI workflow.

  • Customized billing

    Custom billing terms and methods

  • Dedicated support manager

    Dedicated representative to maximize your benefits from security scans

More questions about features?
See detailed features


What is a scan project?

A scan project is basically a URL address of the web application that you want to test. Multiple scan projects are available in each of our pricing plans, so that you can test either multiple instances of the same application (e.g. dev and test) or multiple different applications.

Can I try before the purchase?

Absolutely yes, every plan starts with a 14-day free trial. No credit card is required. Just registered and set up your first scan project.

Can I change my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can modify your subscription through the interface or by emailing our support at any time. The plan will be adjusted on a prorated basis with immediate effect when upgrading or will be stopped from the next payment period when cancelled.

Can I delete my account at any time?

Yes, you can request to delete all your data.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club) for all plans and annual invoices for Enterprise plan.

What happens to my data when trial expires?

It is still there, you can log in and browse your existing scan reports, share them with your team, etc. The only change is that new security scans are now stopped, so your application is no longer actively monitored.

More questions about features?
See detailed features

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