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Core features included
in all plans

security audit

Recurring and frequent security audits to provide continuous protection for your Internet business.


A single security audit should not cost thousands and should not be executed once a year. You can schedule daily and on-demand scans at a fraction of cost.

Trusted security test results for you and your clients

Whether you are an ISV, a SaaS or E-commerce owner you may use our audits to demonstrate to your clients that security of their data is your major focus.

Constantly updated security bugs database

Our security flaws database is constantly updated with the newly discovered findings to make sure your applications stay protected from the latest threats.

Multiple test environments in all plans

Our basic Starter plan starts with 3 security projects that you may set up. These can be three different web applications or three installations of the same web application, e.g. in your development and testing environments, so that all stages of your SDLC process are covered.

OWASP Top 10

Check your web app for OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities.

Full cloud

Our security scanner can test applications running in modern cloud, traditional hosting and on-premise installations.

Custom scan

On-demand, daily, weekly or monthly scan frequency (depending on the plan).

Export and share
scan reports

Easily download or share security scan reports.

Advanced features

Detection of CCPA/GDPR sensitive data leaks

We search for potential CCPA/GDPR data leaks like credit card numbers, personal names, bank account numbers, ID document numbers or e-mail addresses.

Scan behind

Automated log in, so that you can test application parts available for your registered users.

Integrations with Slack
and Microsoft Teams

Instant notifications on security scan completion to Slack and Microsoft Teams, so that your team is aware of the latest results.

Integrations with GitHub, Jira, Basecamp and Trello

Automatically create security tasks with security scan reports in GitHub, Jira, Basecamp and Trello.


Use our API to programmatically initiate security scans and download scan reports. Easily integrate with your custom continuous integration workflow.

Detailed comparison of our plans

Single Scan


Best for your single web application


Perfect for commercial applications

Security scanner
Security scan projects (tested applications)
Continuous security audit
Constantly updated security bugs database
Full cloud support
OWASP Top 10
Custom scan frequency: Weekly, Monthly
Custom scan frequency: Daily scans
On-demand scans
Scan as a logged in user
API access and control
Security scan reports
Notification via e-mail
Share via e-mail
Download as PDF
Download as JSON
CCPA/GDPR and sensitive data
Identify leaks of personal names
Identify leaks of credit card numbers
Identify leaks of bank account numbers
Identify leaks of passport numbers
Identify leaks of internal e-mail addresses
Identify leaks of external e-mail addresses
Instant notifications on Slack
Instant notifications on Microsoft Teams
Automatically created security tasks in GitHub
Automatically created security tasks in JIRA
Automatically created security tasks in Basecamp
Automatically created security tasks in Trello
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