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Why Cross-Domain JavaScript Source File Inclusion can be dangerous

The Cross-Domain JavaScript Source File Inclusion alert means that the given page includes and potentially runs one or multiple Javascript files from a third-party domain.

If the external script location is not owned and managed by you there is a risk that the JavaScript file used by your application can be replaced with a malicious content that e.g. includes dangerous code or steals sensitive information/resources from your application users.

When some of your application JavaScript files are located on a third-party domain not managed by you the attacker may try to hijack that domain or access that third-party server to modify the files, so that your application will include a modified version that will be executed in web browsers of your users. This can be done without accessing your physical servers.

How to fix Cross-Domain JavaScript Source File Inclusion

The general principle is to always host all your application files on server locations managed by you or a publicly trusted and recognized third-party service, e.g. CDN.

How does ScanRepeat report Cross-Domain JavaScript Source File Inclusion

Our scanner looks for any inclusions of a JavaScript file from a third-party domain and reports the exact location of the imported files, so that the source and the related risk can be reviewed.

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