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Why Multiple X-Frame-Options Header Entries can be dangerous

The ‘X-Frame-Options’ HTTP response header indicates whether the browser should be allowed to render the website in a ‘<frame>’, ‘<iframe>’, ‘<embed>’ or ‘<object>’. It is used to avoid ‘click-jacking’ ( ) attacks by ensuring that the content of the page is not embedded into other sites.

‘Multiple X-Frame-Options Header Entries’ can result in only one ‘X-Frame-Options’ HTTP header being applied and the rest of them ignored or the configuration being incorrectly applied by the web browser.

How to fix Multiple X-Frame-Options Header Entries

Ensure that your server is configured to send HTTP responses with only one ‘X-Frame-Options’ header being present.

How does ScanRepeat report Multiple X-Frame-Options Header Entries

ScanRepeat analyzes every HTTP response and reports URLs where there were multiple ‘X-Frame-Options’ HTTP headers found.

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