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Why X-Frame-Options Header Not Set can be dangerous

When X-Frame-Options Header is not set your application pages can be embedded within any other website with no restrictions, e.g. to create a malicious page with your original content augmented with dangerous fragments including phishing attempts, ads, clickjacking code, etc.

The attacker may create a website mixing the original content of your application embedded in an iframe with malicious code, e.g.

<html> phishing code, clickjacking code, ads, etc. <iframe src="http://your application"></iframe> <html>

and distribute it across your application users who won’t be able to notice that they do not interact solely with your application.

How to fix X-Frame-Options Header Not Set

X-Frame-Options is an HTTP response header parameter returned by your server, it can be set with two values:

SAMEORIGIN - only websites located in the same domain can embed the returned page in an iframe

DENY - embedding in an iframe is not allowed.

How does ScanRepeat report X-Frame-Options Header Not Set

ScanRepeat reports “X-Frame-Options Header Not Set” listing all instances of URL resources returned without the header along with additional information on what should be set to fix this problem.

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